Top 10 Adventure Mountains in Asia

Have you ever visited Asia? Definitely, Asia is one of the continents which are full of resource and beautiful place. Also, Asia is famous for many things; for example, cuisine, wildlife habitats, historical sites, stunning and luxury buildings and evergreen mountains. Some people enjoy peaceful sceneries like beach and island; other are tend to city lifestyle whereas a group of people like the mountain landscape. Those who like mountainous view are mostly adventures and patient people because taking an adventure is not an easy task. On the antithesis, trekking or adventuring at mountain site is a fun and challenging trip or activity. Hence, I am going to represent the top ten adventure mountains in Asia where attracts many visitors every year.

10. Mount Muztagh Ata


9. Mount Merbabu

adventure mountains in Asia

Mount Merbabu is also called by the mountain of ash. The altitude of the mountain is 3145m. It is situated in central Java in Indonesia. Climbers can reach the summit from several routes, and if you wish to approach there, we recommend the route near Kopeng where you can save your time and avoid risks. Reaching to the summit, climbers would appreciate of beautiful scenery full of ash and cool temperature.

8. Mount Batur

Mountain adventurers may release all of their fatigue even though they have been trekking or long hours because of its stunning landscape and surrounded environment. Furthermore, Mount Batur of Bali is an active volcanic mountain; mostly visitors stop a the small town of Penelokan to take pictures while others climb the mountain and deal with the volcano.

7. Dhaulagiri

The mountain’s name is retrieved from Sanskrit; it means dazzling, white and beautiful mountain. It is sited in Nepal; the overall elevation is 8167m. Without any different from other mountains, Dhaulagiri provides unremarkable landscape like a snow white mountain in every season.

6. Mount Kinabalu

Mount Kinabalu is the tallest mountain in Malaysia. each year there are about 40000 people climb this mountain. From the mountain, climbers can sight the beautiful landscape in Sabah, Borneo. Simply, climbing the mountain is like a trek that is needed much energy; climbers should be well-prepared if they wish to approach the summit to take a peaceful rest under the attractive scenery.

5. Shivling Mountain

4. Machapuchare

3. Mount Fuji

2. Mount Everest

1. Yellow Mountains


trekking at mountain site is a fun & challenging trip or activity I’m representing top 10 adventure mountains in Asia that attract many visitors every year.

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