know about Austria

35 facts you need to know about Austria

Austria is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. From cities to village, Mountains to lakes, everything is breath-taking Beautiful. Austria beauty is enough to attract you to travel but there are some facts that make you need to know about Austria but that

Indian dishes

25 Tasty Indian dishes you need to try

Are to planning to visit India? Then as you may know that India is the country of spices. There are hundreds of dishes in India that amaze you their taste. From east to Waste, From north to south every state has its own dishes that you

architectures in the world

10 architectures in the world you need to see

creativity is an ability to produce original and unusual ideas, has developed the building’s structures since the ancient time until these modern days. Nowadays, there are many incredible architectures in the world that you may have never thought they could exist in this world. Some

Surreal Places In China

8 Surreal Places In China

There are hundreds of surreal places around global and some of them are located in China. These places are so beautiful that they are worth adding to your China bucket list. Without any doubt, you need to visit these Surreal Places In China.   1. Rice terrace, Yuanyang, Yunnan

Facts about The Louvre

15 Incredible facts about The Louvre

Eiffel tower might iconic spot in Paris but The louver is more iconic in itself. There are many things that make the Louvre more special and worth visiting. Here are 15 Incredible facts about The Louvre that you don’t know about. 1. More than 8 million people