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Phrases for Shopping in Japan

10 helpful Phrases for Shopping in Japan

Kotonaru iro de riyō dekiru monodesu Japan is one of the best places in the world for doing shopping. Tourists from all over the world Come to Japan because of the wealth of various stores selling almost everything from Japanese souvenirs, high-tech weird electronic gadgets,

Emergency phrases in Korean

50 Emergency phrases in Korean you have to learn

Previously we learn Emergency phrases in Japanese which are very useful when you visit Japan. In this article, we learn all Emergency phrases in Korean because you never know what will happen next. Most people in Korea know English especially in the urban area; But while exploring rural

Event Calendar / Date and Time In Japanese / Time In Japan

How to pronounce Date and Time In Japanese Language

Previously we learn 50 Emergency word in Japanese which is very useful in Japan. So, continue in the series, Today we are gonna learn How to pronounce Date and Time In Japanese. Before traveling you have to understand how to pronounce Date and Time In Japan

Japan bucket list / Emergency phrases in Japanese / Best Shopping streets

50 Emergency phrases in Japanese you need to know

Visiting a foreign is awesome until you face emergency issues. Today we learn some emergency phrases in Japanese so that’ll  help you whenever you or your partner need any help from locals of Japan. In this post, we only learn 50 phrases because learning everything

date and time in french

How to pronounce date and time in French

Traveling urban area of France is easy but when you travel to the rural area you need to understand the French language. You have to ask for an address, date, time and navigation in French which is a problem. Today we are gonna look at How to