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know about Austria

35 facts you need to know about Austria

Austria is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. From cities to village, Mountains to lakes, everything is breath-taking Beautiful. Austria beauty is enough to attract you to travel but there are some facts that make you need to know about Austria but that

Facts about The Louvre

15 Incredible facts about The Louvre

Eiffel tower might iconic spot in Paris but The louver is more iconic in itself. There are many things that make the Louvre more special and worth visiting. Here are 15 Incredible facts about The Louvre that you don’t know about. 1. More than 8 million people

25 Amazing Facts about Tokyo

Here we come again with another fact article. I really love this series but I want to end this as soon as possible because they are so short article and have to cover hundreds of countries, cities, and monuments. In this article, we cover some amazing

Facts about Hungary

35 Facts about Hungary

It has been a while since we posted an article in facts category. So, today we will see some Facts about Hungary. Hungary is one of the beautiful and most visited countries in Europe. There are lots of things that visitors don’t know about Hungary.   1.

Facts about India

35 Interesting Facts about India you must know

India is currently playing one of important role in global society. Indians give many things to the world that seems impossible. India is known for its culture, diversity, and history. There are few things people don’t know about India, so we are gonna look at