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Weekly bucket list

Monthly Bucket list – August 2017

Welcome to our new series – Monthly Bucket list. In this list, we make bucket list article every month and include 15 activities on each one of them. There are 15 activities in every post so be sure to check every month’s article and add them to

must visit cities / City bucket list

100 must visit cities before you die | City bucket list

There are hundreds of city you want to visit and already added to your bucket list. But there is always some place that you forget; so we make a list of 100 must visit cities in must visit cities in the world. You might add most

places to visit in London

75 places to visit in London | Part 1

The big and beautiful city comes with lots of travel opportunity such as London and Tokyo. In the article, we made London bucket list which is quite interesting tbh. Today, We are gonna look at 75 places to visit in London which is worth visiting.

Australia bucket list

Australia bucket list: 30 things you need to do

Are you planning to visit Australia? then We make this bucket list for you. Whenever you visit Australia, your trip is incomplete without these activities. From water surfing to Camel riding, We covered everything. have a look at the list and add it to your

Japan Bucket list

Japan Bucket list: 25 things to do

I See, You are making plans for your Japan trip! Good for you. However, it looks like you need some help for making your Japan Bucket list. In this article, we add all necessary things you need to do or visit in Japan. This list contains