10 Best Tourist Festivals Throughout Asia

Asia is one of the prosperous continents in the world. When traveling to Asia, you will gain a lot of experiences such as mouth-watering local cuisine, spectacular landscapes, sophisticated building constructions and products, stylish and fashionable customs and enjoyable festivals. The festivals in Asia are separated in many purposes; some festivals celebrate for the cultural purpose; others celebrate for getting into New year. Therefore, the below lists are introducing the top 10 best tourist festivals throughout Asia. Those festivals attract many visitors every year.


1. Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival, China

Tourist Festivals Throughout Asia

When the winter begins, most countries in the world start to hold an ice and snow sculpture festival, and Harbin province of China is considered as the world largest as well as the international ice and snow sculpture festival. Usually, it is held from 24th December (Christmas) to 25th February every year. In this festival, please don’t forget to bring your sweater or other thick clothes. Generally, in the festival, it showcases the different sculptures made by ice or snow and has ice skiing and ice lantern garden party.


2. Ati- Atihan Festival, Kalibo, Philippines

Tourist Festivals Throughout Asia

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In January, many visitors fly to the Philippines to see this awesome festival. This festival creates many activities in the honor of supporter saint Sto. Nino. The thing that attracts many visitors is native dancing competition. This festival held on third Sunday of January every year.


3. Bali Spirit Festival, Ubud-Bali, Indonesia

Tourist Festivals Throughout Asia

It is quite an interesting festival which shows up quietness. The normal activities are doing yoga, listening to vibrant music and dancing. This festival takes a full month for celebration. If you want to have a new experience of keeping yourself calm, you should take part in Bali spirit once.


4. Holi, India

Tourist Festivals Throughout Asia

Holi festival is better known as coloring festival; the festival is a sign of showing love. It is the most important festival in Hindus religious celebrated in March every year. Holi festival is hosted by many countries such as Nepal, Pakistan and other countries where people respect Hindus religion. People usually dance, sing and color with one another. After those joyful activities, they go to others’ house to exchange sweet and Holi delicacies.


5. Chinese New Year, China and Singapore

Tourist Festivals Throughout Asia

Throughout Asia, many countries celebrate Chinese New Year. Besides China, the home of this festival, Singapore is one of the countries where celebrates a three-day party held in the first month of the Lunar calendar. This joyful festival celebrates dragon parades, fireworks, colorful lanterns decorated along the streets, lion dance competition and night staged shows at Kreta Ayer Square. That is so funny in the whole of the festival.


6. Cherry Blossoms Festival, Japan

Japan bucket list / Tourist Festivals Throughout Asia

The cherry blossoms festival is different from year to year because cherry trees start to bloom at a different month. When the weather is cold, the cherry trees will bloom a bit late whereas when the weather is mild, the cherry trees will bloom early. Japan is known as the best place to celebrate the spring season. This festival celebrates at all regions in Japan. You can have a picnic and take a peaceful relax under the beautiful cherry trees. This festival denotes a well-known Japanese flower, called Sakura representing of beautiful women. It is held between March to May.


7. Songkran, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Tourist Festivals Throughout Asia

Songkran festival is known as Thai New Year; it takes place in the mid of April starting from 13th to 15th. Songkran is somehow similar to April’s Fool Day festival because people play a trick on you. And so what is that trick? Yet, it is about water fighting. People throw water on each other in this festival, and it is very fun activity. Hence, involving in this kind of festival, you should be careful of being a slip.


8. Water Festival, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Tourist Festivals Throughout Asia

Water festival is one of the most significant festivals and also the official festivals in Cambodia; Cambodians have to celebrate this festival annually. Usually, they celebrate it at Mekong River in November to remind the victory of sea army. It takes three days to celebrate; the event includes boat-racing competition, colorful fireworks, jazzy decorated boat exhibition, and moon salutation.


9. Rainforest World Music Festival, Borneo, Malaysia

Tourist Festivals Throughout Asia

Photo: Rainforest World Music Festival

The purpose of celebrating this festival is to bring the music to the world. The rainforest world music festival, one of the most important music festival in Malaysia, is hosted at the Sarawak Cultural Village in Kuching. this festival attracts many visitors to drop by every year and celebrating 20th anniversary in 2018.


10. Boryeong Mud Festival, Boryeong, South Korea

Tourist Festivals Throughout Asia

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When hearing of mud, you may not want to attend in this festival; however, this festival is extremely exciting and full of amusement. It held at Daecheon beach, about 3.5 kilometers size of white beach is used to hosting this festival. Those activities include mud swimming, mud wrestling, mud massage, mud attack, mudslide, mud painting, mud fountain and the like. Sometimes, mud is used for making a promise.

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